This Algorithm Ain’t Right

I know what brings you here. The interaction with your thoughts and cats acting out has been disappointing. This is a poem that will get you new followers

This Algorithm Ain’t Right is a poetry book written by Aaron Mirck, about technology (Search Results) and about growing up in the 21st century (Mind the gap). Both parts consist of fourteen poems; you could read the table of content of both chapters as a sonnet. You can read the poems via this website, listen to the poems via Spotify, check out my performance at The Next Web Conference or buy the eBook.

Search Results is a collection of poems about technology. Shoshana Zuboff compared our approach of technology with the way native inhabitants of the Caribbean islands welcomed the Spanish soldiers. They thought these settlers were gods — a concept they did know. Do we also see technology as a redemption? Search results takes you through the everyday benefits of useful apps and good content. Do we trade our autonomy for a life without mistakes? And why do we believe that technology can provide an objective answer to our problems?

This background of technology is necessary to draw a picture of a generation that competes with themselves (Mind the gap). After all, success is a choice. Online everyone seems to be in shape, rich and happy. Meet a generation that could become anything, focuses on identity politics, cancels unwelcome opinions and lacks solidarity.

“We generally consider digital technology as cold and emotionless. But technology that emphasizes our humanity by increasing our qualities and talents and exposing our weaknesses is exciting and attractive. This book shows us that side of technology: vulnerable, poetic, and sometimes laughable. A great read for yourself or the artificial intelligence that soon will take your place”, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Founder & Board member, TNW.